Health Services

Members of Duluth Schools' Health Services staff interact in partnership with the Educational Team to provide students with quality consistent health care and health management. School nurses and health assistants work together to meet the health needs of students in the educational setting. This team has a unique understanding of students' physical, social, and emotional health and the resulting impact on learning.  Click here for a listing of the school district nursing staff.

Are Your Kids Ready?  
To enter into child care, early childhood programs, and elementary or secondary schools (public or private), children need to have certain immunizations.  Use this chart as a quick reference to determine which vaccines are required for enrollment. Click here to download the chart explaining the new Immunization Law which goes into affect September 1, 2014.  

Health Services Offices
Each school is staffed by a Health Assistant (HA/LPN) during school hours.
A Licensed School Nurse (LSN/RN) is available at buildings on a part-time basis, but is always available to the health assistant by phone.
Licensed School Nurses (LSN/RN) have a baccalaureate degree and are licensed in public health and school nursing.  They coordinate prevention and control of communicable diseases, and serve as a resource to staff, students, families regarding health concerns and health education.
All School Health Offices have a 24/7 confidential voice mail system…Parents may leave a message at any time.
When to contact your school health office:

  • For any changes to your child’s health or for any significant conditions i.e. Diabetes, Seizures, Life-threatening Allergies with an Epi-pen.
  • When a student has a communicable condition (i.e., chicken pox, strep throat or head lice) so appropriate measures may be taken.
  • When you have questions about your students health.

The District Health Services Webpages have more health information and a list of nursing staff, click here for the district health webpages.

7th Grade Health Information
The health of your child is one of the most important factors in their academic progress.  There are several health requirements for students as they move into 7th grade.  Click here to download information about those requirements.  In the attachment you will find:

  • A letter from our nurse and principal explaining the requirements.
  • A resource from the Minnesota Department of Health titled, “Are Your Kids Ready for School” with additional information regarding Minnesota’s School Immunization Law.  Minnesota Immunization Law requires students to obtain booster shots prior to entry into the 7th grade and this resource will help you and your child’s doctor decide what boosters are needed.
  • A physical examination form to be filled out by the student’s doctor which provides clearance to participate in Minnesota State High School League sports. 

Please bring these forms to your child’s health care provider during the time of the physical exam. The completed physical form and a doctor’s office print out of all shot dates must be provided to the school nurse.  It may be helpful to keep a copy of this physical exam for your records as the school health office does not open prior to the autumn sports season.  As such, having a copy of the physical will facilitate your child’s full participation in autumn school sports.  Please contact the nurse’s office if you have any questions!